Android 11’s new screenshot interface


We’ve known since Google promised it last year that Android 11 was getting to get scrolling screenshots, and when the primary developer previews landed, a replacement screenshot interface was found buried inside. Though it still hasn’t been turned on for everybody yet, a minimum of one one that flashed DP2 has the new interface.


The new interface just about matches what leaked previously, with a replacement ribbon including options like sharing and editing the screenshot along rock bottom of the screen — an equivalent options that the previous “peeking” notification had, but during a new place.

We don’t know if the “extend” option for scrolling screenshots may additionally be working, but the house screen example above wouldn’t leave scrolling screenshots anyway. The editor accessed via the “edit” button seems to seem and behave because it currently does on Android 10.

The change between the old and new interfaces is probably going controlled via some hidden flag, but the very fact that it’s being enabled for a minimum of one person might be an indicator that the feature is nearly ready. We’ll need to keep an eye fixed out when DP3 lands within the next week or two (given the first schedule — who knows if that’s changed as a results of the pandemic).

Source : Reddit